The Middle 9×11 Promo “New Year’s Revelations” (HD)

The Middle 9×11 “New Year’s Revelations” Season 9 Episode 11 Promo – As New Year’s Eve approaches, Sue admits to Frankie that she likes Sean Donahue and that she kissed him at the Christmas party. But she’s still trying to figure out if her kiss with Sean was a fluke or if it actually meant that he likes her. Meanwhile, Mike forces Axl and Brick to take a drive with him and Mike’s dad, Big Mike, and they are shocked to discover what is planned when they reach their final destination, on “The Middle,” Tuesday, January 2nd on ABC, streaming and on demand. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Middle season 9 promos in HD!

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The Middle 9×11 Promo/Preview “New Year’s Revelations”
The Middle Season 9 Episode 11 Promo
The Middle 9×11 Promo “New Year’s Revelations” (HD)

» Watch The Middle Tuesdays at 8:00pm on ABC
» Starring: Patricia Heaton, Charlie McDermott, Atticus Shaffer

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