Taken Season 2 “A Hero Returns” Promo (HD)

Bryan Mills (Clive Standen) fights for his life inside a secret Mexican prison and plans a series of dangerous deals to put him on track for escape to the United States. But plans change when Mills and a young migrant girl (guest star Adriana Santos) are taken by human traffickers. Meanwhile, Christina Hart (Jennifer Beals) leverages her spycraft skills to obtain powerful new software that could locate Mills, and enlists two unlikely allies to aid in her mission to bring Mills home. Also starring Adam Goldberg (Kilroy) and Jessica Camacho (Santana). Also guest starring Peter Outerbridge (James Casey), Matthew Bennett (Gary Martello), David Julian Hirsh (Clayton Bass), Jose Joaquin Perez (Jose) and Nancy Ticotin (Salome). Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Taken season 2 promos in HD!

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